Answertext is truly a plug-n-play solution. No special apps or tools needed. Sign-up and offer a convenient way for customers to contact you by text message.

What is an Answertext phone number?

An Answertext phone number is a local or toll-free number that accepts text messages.  Once you signup and receive your number, people can text their message to that number.

What happens when customers send a text?

As soon as a customer sends a text message, your company’s operators are notified via a text alert. The alert has a link attached to it that you can use to respond back to the customer.

What if we forget to respond to the customer?

You can set notifications in your dashboard so you won’t forget to respond to a customer.

Is my mobile phone number visible to the customer?

Your phone number is never shared with the customer. They will only see your Answertext number, which is the local or toll free number that you receive when you signup.

How can customers send a text from our website?

When you signup, you can configure the look and feel of your website widget.  You then insert the code on your site and this enables your customers to click the widget and launch Answertext.  Look at the lower right hand side of this screen to see a live widget.

Can I transfer an Answertext conversation to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer a conversation to another operator within your company.  They can continue with the conversation, close it, or transfer it back to you.

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